Blue Kyanite & Black Tourmaline

Blue Kyanite & Black Tourmaline

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 Blue Kyanite & Black Tourmaline Wrapped In Silver 

Blue Kyanite Healing:

  • Speak Your Inner Truths
  • Aligns All Chakras
  • Vibrates With Throat Chakra
  • Communication 

Black Tourmaline Healing:

Purifying and transforming dense energy into a lighter vibration, Tourmaline grounds spiritual energy, balances chakras, and forms a protective shield. A powerful mental healer, balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain and transmuting negative thought patterns into positive ones, Tourmaline assists in understanding oneself and others, taking you deep into your inner being, promoting self confidence, and diminishing fear. Banishing any feeling of victimization, it attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Hecho A Mano Con Amor

Made By Hand With Love