Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid
Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid
Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid
Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid
Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid

Divine Wisdom Crystal Grid

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Balance Crystal Grid 

  • Wood Hexagon With Gold Shine Grid 
  • 1 Celestite
  • 6 Clear Quartz Points 
  • 6 Raw Amethyst 
  • 6 Polished Pyrite 

Lets Talk About The Energy We Are Calling In With This Grid. Our center stone is celestite and this stone connects us to our divine wisdom. Celestite asks us to get uncomfortable and energetically says go have that new experience you've been holding yourself back to try. Clear Quartz is placed around the celestite with the points facing outward to amplify the energy of the celestite. When placing the clear quartz set those intentions it is listening and attuning to your vibrations. Next on the grid is amethyst. Why Amethyst? Amethyst is a strong journey stone so this energy can carry on to your day to day even when your away from your grid. Amethyst is also a sober stone so it keeps us from giving into our bad habits and to peacefully create new ones. Last but definitely not least at the edges of this grid is pyrite aka fools gold. Pyrite was chosen to sit on the edge of this grid to block out any negative or stagnant energy. Pyrite creates a positive outlook and gives us balance within the realm of our instinct and intuition. Pyrite Also Deflects Harm So Putting This Stone At The Very Edge Will Help Amplify The Protection This Grid Creates. 

Below I will Include The Stones Energetic Properties So You Can Also See All The Energies They Carry.

Celestine Healing:

  • High Vibration Stone
  • Healing Your Aura
  • Brings Divine Energy into The Environment
  • Cools Fiery Emotions and Promotes Mental Balance
  • Urging Greater Openness To New Experiences 
  • Boosts Your Intuition
  • Dream Stone

Clear Quartz Healing:

  • Master Healer
  • Light
  • Intuition
  • Connectivity

Amethyst Healing:

  • Protection
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Removes Negative Energy from Body and Home
  • Stabilizing and Bringing In Peace
  • "I Radiate"
  • Emotional Balance 
  • Sober Stone 

Pyrite Healing:

  • Revitalization
  • Creativity 
  • Confidence
  • Blocks Out Negative Energy 
  • Fast Acting
  • Aids in Karmic Work